St. Lucia, Caribbean

RAWR Restaurant in St. Lucia- Okizia Beyond: RAWR is a restaurant in St. Lucia with the concept of "make-your-own dish" and with fresh ingredients. Its owned by Felly Belly that specializes in healthy and fresh smoothies & juices & at RAWR they offer cuisine from Asian to Italian to Trinidadian among others.

I returned home in April to find a space at the Baywalk Mall being converted into un ristorante with the FellyBelly signature, so obviously, I was intrigued. The sign read RAWR and to be honest it was a bit difficult for me to put the letters together at first (my excuse is that I didn’t […]

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Creole Language, Jounen Kweyol Celebrations in St. Lucia - Okizia Beyond: Jounen Kweyol is a big part of Caribbean culture - a time for us to celebrate our French ancestors and the heritage they left with us. The most important aspect of that French heritage is our local dialect, Creole, connecting us to cultures beyond our waters.

No festival represents St. Lucian roots, culture & tradition as much as Jounen Kwéyòl does, especially now in its 32nd year. It’s our most favored festival that reminds us of our French heritage despite us being officially Independent from England in 1979. French Roots Backstory: The French were the island’s first European settlers claiming it […]

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Life in the Caribbean| Top 10 reasons why I love St. Lucia

I can’t tell you how “impressed” or flabbergasted people were when I told them that I was from the Caribbean, especially St. Lucia! Bear in mind though that a good bit had no idea where St. Lucia or the Caribbean is but had heard enough to always tell me “ma perchè sei qui, in Italia?” […]

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