Siena, Tuscany - Italia

A Taste of Siena, Foods to try- Okizia Beyond: Some typical foods & products to try while in the medieval city of Siena, Tuscany, especially while on a budget.

Italian food is…semplice…regionally diverse and eterno. If anyone knows me well, they know my absolute love and appreciation for cibo/food. I always make it a duty to taste the local dishes wherever I go. To be honest, that is where most of my money went and still goes. It’s a waste of a trip if […]

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Il Campo, The Heart os Siena - Okizia Beyond: Il Campo is the main medieval piazza in Siena, Italy & one of the most visited, admired & used. So much of the Sienese daily living/civic duties takes place in Il Campo. Here is a brief history of this magnificent piazza & some of the activities that take place.

The campo & I had a few firsts together – seeing chocolates in such abundance at a festival; first concert in Italy & “horse race”-Il Palio, place I sat down on the ground in the city center (like being back at convent haha); outdoor nap; met up with some people and sang in the freezing cold while another played […]

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Hiking Via Francigena - Okizia Beyond: Via Francigena is a famous pilgrim route from medieval times which pilgrims took from France to Italy. It's still used today but now by hikers and people looking to explore parts of Europe on foot & for other reasons. This is my experience hiking Via Francigena from Siena, Italy.

You know the films set in the something 100’s (Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian-era etc) that depict people walking long distances to get from one province/city to the next, especially pilgrims traveling to sacred places for religious reasons? Well, I can now say that I’ve partly lived that life. Well, not fully, ok maybe for only about […]

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The Tea Room in Siena, Italy - Okizia Beyond: The Tea Room is a 15th century tavern decorated with an old soul in mind serving up a range of herbal teas and cakes.

I can’t decide which I like better: The unassuming steps that lead to the tea room The classic vintage style The ambiance and the feelings it invokes The display of cakes The exquisite taste of the teas Or the teapots that the teas are served in The fact that I can’t decide which attracts me […]

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