Imagine this book that you just finished reading was written by an 18th century novelist and the incidents, issues & emotions explored in it were influenced by what was happening in the economic/ political/ cultural situations of that era. Don't you find that fascinating? That you can learn so much from a novel about a place or person. That kind of shit feeds my soul and humbles me. I hope that my reviews/analysis of book feeds your soul and mind too.

Book Review, The Root of Wild Madder by Brian Murphy - Okizia Beyond: Murphy travels to Iran to understand the Persian carpets origins and discovers that it represents many things to many people, their culture, and livelihood.

“I will tell you something important. Listen to me: To understand carpets you must first understand Persia. To understand Persia you must first read Hafez.” About A journalist/foreign correspondent who has an inexplicable love for Persian carpets decides to go find out its origins and understand their language and inner meaning. In his quest, he […]

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Life in Gros Islet was always filled with intrigue, but nothing there generates greater interest than we, the people of Gros Islet. For many generations, we survived off the bounty of the sea by engaging in a thriving fishing industry, which became the epitome of our cultural pride. Every boy and girl, man and woman […]

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