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Christian . Linguist . Traveler . Foodie

Ciao! Okizia here from the most amazing island in the Caribbean, St. Lucia & welcome to my Travel & Lifestyle Blog - Okizia Beyond - where I hope to share stories and connect people through my travels, faith, the books that I read and cuisine.

2016 was a transformative year and the start of me realizing my duty in sharing certain parts of me with others. I was the recipient of the MAECI Scholarship which allowed me the opportunity to study the Italian Language & Culture in Siena, Italy for 9 months. Of course, I loved it so much that I extended my course to a year. It was intensive, eye-opening, refreshing.

Studying & living in Italy for a year was simply revolutionary. Things that I had seen and read as a little girl finally came to life. From seeing Michealangelo's, David which I read about to the art of drinking caffe to friendships that would last a lifetime.

Most profound was realizing that though we are many far and wind, deep down, we are one.

One in our history, culture, languages, food & faith.

I learned and continue to learn the importance of going beyond the facade and making connections from one event/art piece/language to another.

That's the point of my blog - to go Beyond -
and see how all these elements connect us.


Some Facts About Me
  • Christ is my motivation. That is all I need.
  • Languages fascinate & make me feel so bubbly. I speak English, Italian & French Creole, my island's dialect, a bit (ok a LITTLE BIT-lol). I'm hoping to learn 3 or more.
  • My soul belongs to the Arts. Though I don't practice any now, I've had my dab in them- ballet, modern dance & music.
  • History & delving into cultures make me want to cry (sometimes I really do). Such inexplicable feelings stir up within me and humble me. I somehow feel complete.
  • Books have become more than entertainment for me. They get me thinking, creative, more curious & proactive.
  • WINE & FOOD-that is all


And of course much more, BUT, you'll have to explore the rest of my blog to figure them out.


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