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Ciao! Okizia here from the most amazing island in the Caribbean, St. Lucia & welcome to my Travel & Lifestyle Blog - Okizia Beyond - where I hope to share stories and connect people through my travels, faith, the books that I read and cuisine.

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Il Campo, The Heart os Siena - Okizia Beyond: Il Campo is the main medieval piazza in Siena, Italy & one of the most visited, admired & used. So much of the Sienese daily living/civic duties takes place in Il Campo. Here is a brief history of this magnificent piazza & some of the activities that take place.

The campo & I had a few firsts together – seeing chocolates in such abundance at a festival; first concert in Italy & “horse race”-Il Palio, place I sat down on the ground in the city center (like being back at convent haha); outdoor nap; met up with some people and sang in the freezing cold while another played […]

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Hiking Via Francigena - Okizia Beyond: Via Francigena is a famous pilgrim route from medieval times which pilgrims took from France to Italy. It's still used today but now by hikers and people looking to explore parts of Europe on foot & for other reasons. This is my experience hiking Via Francigena from Siena, Italy.

You know the films set in the something 100’s (Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian-era etc) that depict people walking long distances to get from one province/city to the next, especially pilgrims traveling to sacred places for religious reasons? Well, I can now say that I’ve partly lived that life. Well, not fully, ok maybe for only about […]

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Post:  Grow A Deeper Faith: 7 Strategies to Help Christian Women to Grow a Deeper Faith Date:  Thursday August 23rd, 2018 Mood: Calm I want to be able to share more of my thoughts & what Jesus reveals to me through different mediums. In this posts by Sarah Koontz, we will look at some very important […]

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Book Thoughts
Book Review, The Root of Wild Madder by Brian Murphy - Okizia Beyond: Murphy travels to Iran to understand the Persian carpets origins and discovers that it represents many things to many people, their culture, and livelihood.

“I will tell you something important. Listen to me: To understand carpets you must first understand Persia. To understand Persia you must first read Hafez.” About A journalist/foreign correspondent who has an inexplicable love for Persian carpets decides to go find out its origins and understand their language and inner meaning. In his quest, he […]

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