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Ciao! Okizia here from the MOST AMAZING ISLAND in the Caribbean, St. Lucia & welcome to my Travel & Lifestyle Blog-Okizia Beyond. Through this blog, I hope to share stories and connect people through my travels, faith, the books that I read and cuisine.

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Italy You Gave Me…(2 Year Anniversary)

It’s was 2 years ago I left home to study in Siena, Italy. My year abroad studying the Italian language gave to me so much more than I could give to it. February 19th will always be the day that to remind me of when I started to live & not just survive. I

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10 Songs that help me speak to Christ - Okizia Beyond: Sometimes singing allows us to express our need and desire for God in our lives. When I feel that I'm in need of a release, an anointing of the Holy Spirit, a revelation, a cry, a surrender or anything else, I turn to these 10 songs.

From last week into this week, I find myself being very desperate for God & wanting to hear His word. I want to know that I’m making the right decisions and that they please Him; that I’m allowing the right people into my life; that I’m not rushing where I should be crawling; that my […]

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26 Candles...26 Lessons: Okizia Beyond - God is wisdom & on my faith journey with Him, He has revealed much wisdom that has helped me to see the world through His eyes & most importantly, how to love like Him. In celebration of my 26th Bday, I decided to compile a list of 26 lessons or wisdom that the Lord has revealed to me.

Through this mind-blowing journey in discovering Christ & who I am in Him & His purpose, He has been so gracious to reveal more than I ever anticipated. Every day I’m in awe of what He has done, is doing & will do. One of the things that I am most grateful to Him for […]

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Guarding Your Heart - Okizia Beyond: We need to take caution about what we let creep into our hearts. The heart is the window to our soul, what we feel & think & are capable of. It's so important that we monitor what we say, think, listen to, watch and read! Here is Aarah Harris' testimony on how she guards her heart!

Faithful. Devoted. True. Selfless. Ambitious. Forgiving. Understanding. Accepting.  These are just some of the many words that I can use to describe my dear friend Aarah. Who would have thought that we would have become and remained such close friends/sisters when we bonded many years ago while members of the Rotaract Club? I give credit […]

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Book Thoughts
Book Review, The Root of Wild Madder by Brian Murphy - Okizia Beyond: Murphy travels to Iran to understand the Persian carpets origins and discovers that it represents many things to many people, their culture, and livelihood.

“I will tell you something important. Listen to me: To understand carpets you must first understand Persia. To understand Persia you must first read Hafez.” About A journalist/foreign correspondent who has an inexplicable love for Persian carpets decides to go find out its origins and understand their language and inner meaning. In his quest, he […]

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